self-1903self-1903 I learned F-stops and shutter speeds while on the Alaskan/Canadian Highway when I must have been 12-years old. My dad let me borrow his Pentax Spotmatic and I was duly hooked. In college I swiftly declared myself a photo/art major, trading beautiful sunny days on the beach for a life in the darkroom. I can still conjure the smell of developer, fixer, and stop-bath just as easily as the smell of kelp.

All this darkroom toil led to a scholarship at a fancy-ass art school in Baltimore. Alas, during my stint there my humble collection of cameras (Rollie, Canon 35mm, and Holga) were taken from me at different times in descending levels of value, mugged at knife or gun point while plying the mean streets of Balto in search of images. Discouraged and beaten (literally), I switched majors to something even more dangerous: writing.

After graduating from UC Santa Cruz with a degree in literature and creative writing I got a job at a weekly newspaper. Here I rediscovered photography, making pictures to accompany my stories. This mixture of storytelling and images has informed my work ever since. Ready for a new adventure, I moved to the Owens Valley and took up freelancing, writing and photographing for Climbing, Adventure Sports Journal, National Geographic Adventure, and others between bouncing around between Berlin, Germany and Bishop, California. Since then I’ve become a father. When I’m not busy with Matilda I’m out in the wilds of the Eastern Sierra photographing or climbing or just rambling—but always with a camera.

Clients include Patagonia, NatureBridge, Dublin Times, City of Chattanooga, The Guardian, LA Weekly, Access Fund, Dubai Airlines, University of California, to name a few. 

To book a session or enquire about my availability for wedding photography, please email me at [email protected] or call: 760.979.9023  

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