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Rather than the staid portraiture studio with its phony backgrounds, I prefer to photograph people in an environment that does justice to their personhood and personality, encapsulating the spirit of who they are. This is achieved in conjunction with your own creativity that will guide how the portrait session goes. You or I pick a favorite spot and clothing you feel most comfortable wearing. It is always helpful to chat a while before getting the camera out to understand your vision as well as mine. Sometimes we’ll use lighting equipment to compliment the available light. Other times we’ll use only natural light. Whatever the case, a portrait is always a collaboration. 

Family Values Package As either a protestation or relief, the fact is they grow up so fast. Though I enjoy making the posed family photograph suitable for hanging in the living room, I also work to tell a narrative story of the family in a photojournalistic style. This way I can capture the dynamics of what makes the family, creating both a memory of a time and place and a record of who you are. $350 for two hour, 80 + web and print ready images.  royce-6314royce-6314

Pre-Nuptial Engagement Package Carl Jung said, “The meeting of two personalities is like the contact of two chemical substances: if there is any reaction, both are transformed.” My goal is to express this melding photographically in all its wonder and transformation. There are many ways to do this, whether in a formal setting in your home or simply taking a walk in the woods. Either way I provide great images that can be cherished long after chemical substances have worn off slightly. Packages start at $250 for a quick session to $500. Fee is negotiable with a wedding shoot. 

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Maternity Package Before and after pictures of your baby from the womb to the great beyond. I can also be on hand for in-hospital, moment of birth photos. These photographs capture the beginnings of life in a narrative fashion.  $300 for one hour of picture-making, 80+ web and print ready images.    lexi pond-174lexi pond-174

Pet Projects Animals possess distinct personalities, too, and I am always looking for ways to capture your pet’s—be it a dog, cat, chicken, mule or horse—natural essence. We’ll take a walk and get to know your beloved animal before bringing out the camera. Sessions usually take an hour and a half and packages start at $250 including 60 + images for sharing and printing. Famous good human















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