If you want conventional, traditional, inside-the-box wedding photography, call someone else. If you want people to stop in their tracks when they see your wedding photographs and say, "Oh my god! Your wedding pictures are amazing. I've never seen anything like that before!" then hire Bruce Willey. He is truly a creative artist and brings a unique approach to each event. My husband and I got married on the beach and the way Bruce used the natural elements combined with photographic techniques led to breathtaking results. Our photos are works of art that I would hang on the wall even if we weren't in them. On top of all that, Bruce is great to work with. Friendly, full of ideas, laid back, but also ready to jump in the water, or climb up a tree to get the shots that you really want. --Joy-Leilani 


Hello world and congratulations because you have truly found a photographer and artist! Through his skilled lens, Bruce will strive to creat a narrative of your event that will capture the essence, bringing the beautiful moments that might pass the attention they deserve. Bruce is wonderful to work with. He blended in seamlessly from the more quiet moments to action packed fun, and in times where we felt the wedding was carrying us away, he helped to guide us subtly. Thank you Bruce for giving us this gift because your photography is just that. The shots he got of our wedding could not have been better and we relive that amazing feeling every time we look back through them. We look forward to working with you again soon. —Lauren and Graham

Bruce is a gifted artist, a gentle soul, and a remarkable intellect. I would seriously get married again just to see him again. There's no photographer I could've imagined trusting more to capture such an important occasion. I recommend Bruce with my all heart.  --Amanda R. Martinez


My in laws were in town and Bruce graciously accommodated us for a last minute photo shoot, 4 adults and 2 rowdy baby boys. He was fabulous! And a warm and joyful individual to work with! He picked a great location for us, working around weather and fussy nap times and just got a delightful set of photos done for us and they were available so quickly! I would highly recommend to anyone. —Sarah Patrick


Bruce is a master of off-camera flash technique, always full of innovative methods for creating the ideal light and composition in whatever setting. The sensitivity, humor and passion with which he approaches all aspects of life and work play perfectly in the atmosphere of romance. Bruce's wedding photos bring the light of love into clear focus, never failing to discover a unique setting/prop for creating iconic photographic treasures. We are blessed to have such a talent in our community!   —Royce Cornett


We intended our wedding to be no-drama, low-stress and fun, and thanks to talented friends like Bruce, I think we nailed it. An outdoor wedding in the mountains is rife with photographic challenges -- from the shifting light of a sun-dappled meadow, to the deep shadows of the woods, to the flickering light of a bonfire -- and he handled them all with ease. But the thing we loved best about having Bruce shoot the affair was that we never once had to think about it. He is creative and energetic -- always on the move, always looking for fresh perspectives, capturing not just the grand gestures, but the intimate moments that others wouldn't even see (and those are the photos you come back to again and again). In short, we knew that if Bruce did the photos, they were going to be done right!  —Erik Leitch


Bruce Willey has been our family’s photographer on numerous occasions. Here's the deal about Bruce, his photography is Art! He just 'gets' people & their emotions. He knows this valley, it's many moods and light. He's damn hard working & stealthy. His work is exceptional and when you get the proofs, well…When you get the proofs, you'll know why you were so smart as to put you trust in his capable hands. You'll see all the beauty that was in that moment of your life. —Patty Smith

Bruce is a very talented and professional photographer and genial, friendly person. He put us at ease during our two photo shoot experiences with him and was all over, capturing all different aspects of the event, at our wedding. Our photos turned out beautifully and interesting, with some awesome play on light and shadows and perspective! We got access to our photos the day of and the day after our two sessions with him, super quick turnaround! Also his pricing is great for a wedding photographer! I highly recommend him and I am sure we will be contacting him again in the future for family photos etc. —Jemima Lamb


I don't think I can rave enough about Bruce! Not only is he incredibly kind, witty, and funny, but he is amazing at what he does! I'm so happy to of had our photos done with him, and I recommend him to anyone looking (or not!) for photos!  —Mary Anne Horton


Bruce shot our wedding 2 years ago. He was great, I have so many memories from that day that he was able to capture. He stayed well into the night, shooting all of our shananagins. Amazing to work with. I will use him for anything I need photographed in the future. :) —Chavonn Smith