Wedding Info & Pricing


Prices vary widely in wedding photography and sometimes the old adage “you get what you pay for” doesn’t apply. Often a photographer will appear to be cheaper than the rest but they will only provide 4-6 hours of coverage. No album, no engagement pictures, and often you have to pay for the privilege of downloading or ordering prints.

I don’t work that way.  I keep my prices low simply because I love making pictures of weddings and oftentimes the coolest couples are the ones that have a tight budget. They’d rather spend money on a honeymoon exploring the world. I get that.

And there are no hidden costs, fine print, or add-ons.  I won’t try to sell you extras or hit you with pricey surprises after the wedding.

There’s also some wiggle room in my price if you are a public servant—park ranger, teacher, non-profit employee, artist, climbing bum that cleans the crags, or whatever. I’m willing to work within your budget while still providing high quality images of your wedding.



This includes a casual engagement session where we get to know each other in person and make great images to send out before the wedding. I will travel to wherever you are and if it’s really far (more than 200 miles) we can do it a day or two before the wedding. Usually between 80-150 images.

All day coverage of the wedding including getting ready (bride and groom), wedding itself, group pictures, reception, dancing, and send-off. I stay from beginning to end so I don’t miss the shot. The only time I take a break is while people are eating during the reception because who wants pictures of people with food in their mouth.

Between edited 800-1400 images that are both outstanding and tell a story of your day. All images will be processed by hand in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop by me. I don't use presets and prefer to let a couple's style dictate the "look" of the photographs. 

Personal Online Gallery of images where you can download or print directly from my website. We will also use this for you to proof images that you would like to go in the album. I keep this gallery active for one year after the wedding and it has a password for your privacy.

Web- Sharing Images will be sent directly to your email or onto a Google Drive for download 1-2 days after the wedding so that you can share them on social media or with friends and family.

Hardcover Wedding 13” by 11” Book: I lay out a 70-120-page wedding book that tells a story. I often include text from the sermon, vows, and toasts with the images. I do this with every wedding because I like to think in a narrative fashion while I am making pictures of the wedding. The books are published through Blurb, which does high quality print jobs. All you pay for is the actual printing of the book which usually runs around $80-120. Blurb has numerous sales (up to 35 percent off) and I will let you know when they occur. You and your family can order as many as you like.

Note: They are not pricey leather-bound wedding albums, but rather more like a photography book one would buy at a bookstore.  To see more of wedding books go to:

blurb booksblurb books




Three-four minute video of photos set to music and sound of ceremony, toasts, etc. 

Or...Dogtographer: This is something new that I am offering and just trying out. Because I can’t obviously do both stills and video at the same time I discovered a work-around when one of the weddings I was shooting had a dog as ring-bearer. I attached a Go-Pro camera to the dog and the dog instantly became a cinemadogtographer. It worked out great. So I edited the footage with two of the couple’s favorite songs, inserted a lot of my stills, and Voilà, a wedding video.

Now this isn’t the highly stylized wedding video that the pros do. But it also means you won’t have a pesky video production team at your wedding making it seem like you’re on a film set instead of a wedding.







I had one couple that requested a photo booth ten-minutes before the reception began. Thankfully I had an assistant who set everything up and we were able to make it happen for the couple. Since then I’ve done many more photo booths and figured out some of the kinks. I don’t charge a lot for these photo booths because they are very DIY and the couple provides the props. But I can easily set up a camera and an off-camera flash with umbrella with an infrared shutter button. They are a lot of fun and provide a few hours of entertainment for your guests. I’ll include the edited pictures in the wedding book and give them to you for sharing with your guests.


What I expect From You

After you have hired me I will send you a contract. Sign it and send my retainer fee, which is half of the total wedding fee. This allows me to save the date of your wedding for only you. The rest of the payment will be due at the wedding.  You will receive the pictures within a month past the wedding, most often much sooner. Books take a little longer, around 2-4 months. I work very hard after the wedding to get you quality images as soon as possible. This is the bulk of my work.

Look forward to working with you!