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Engagement: Mammoth Lakes, Convict Lake

February 08, 2018  •  Leave a Comment

We had never met before. And it was beginning to feel like a spy novel. I wrote specific instructions to meet at the end of Convict Lake. There would be an X placed on the boardwalk with gaffer tape. I placed long strands of grass over my head and over my body and lay low, waiting with a telephoto lens suitable for shooting a deer at long range. A small boy walked over and spotted me. Terrorized, he ran back to his mother, who also ran back to their boat on the beach. Authorities were no doubt alerted. At last, two of the most beautiful men one could ever lay eyes on walked through the aspen forest. The man who had contacted me months before, the man that had put a nondescript duffel bag filled with money at the drop-off point, stopped when he saw the X. He bent down and proposed. The other man said yes! It was beautiful and moving documenting this historical moment in their lives.

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